Pyramid Session

Join me for this efficient pyramid session of approx 15 – 25 minutes using just 6 creative body weight exercises, 1. squat jump, 2/3. front and reverse lunges 4. split press up 5. plank heel tap 6. press, roll to toe crunch. You’ll start at 10 reps for each followed by 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. NOTE the press, roll to crunch is two reps, so when you complete 9 miss off the crunch at the end. Aim to keep going with very little recovery, drop to your knees for the presses and take out the jump for the squats if you are starting back or new to this type of workout. This workout will challenge your muscle endurance and increase your heart rate. Listen out for the teaching points and modifications.

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