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About Me

Hello and welcome to my site, thanks for wanting to read what I am all about, that’s important when you embark on a fitness or health journey.

My start into the fitness world kicked off in my mid 20’s when I was introduced to rugby by my sister in 1995. I’d dabbled a bit in going to the gym but had no idea what I was really doing or why ha ha. The day I was introduced to rugby changed my whole world and thinking. The fitness, training, coaches, team ethic, travelling, confidence high and lows, training in all weathers and the fun socials. But for me it was about being part of a likeminded tribe of women and loving how fitness and movement made me feel. I picked up a few broken bones, but all injuries heal. I witness everyday that so many are held back by their thoughts and fears.

This led me to qualify as a Sports Therapist in 2001 where I helped and guided clients to strengthen and trust their bodies following injury, operations or from mechanical issues. 

But life is about self growth, evolving and stepping out of your safe place which is why my calling was to train as a Fitness Trainer where I have empowered thousands of women to move, embrace exercise and heal via healthy thinking and of course a healthier diet. I know it’s cliché but I knew I had a gift of being able to communicate and empower people because I am led by my passionate to help people value and protect their physical and mental health. I believe hand on heart in the power of movement, good health and staying mobile. I 100% cannot accept that age, conditions or ailments define us because there are always ways to adapt and remove barriers. If you don’t ever try then what does your quality of life look like going forward!

If you find yourself here take a moment to see if we fit and if I can help you in some way. Or maybe take something which inspires you today to make a change or try something different.

Just incase you’re still not sure, 

I offer On demand home workouts and a range of exercise and Pilates classes in Lydiard Millicent, near West Swindon.  It does not matter where you are starting from, what matters is that you start.

JB Video Vault

My motivating and creative on demand home workouts for all levels offer greater freedom of how you schedule your time. You can choose a different workout to suit your schedule and mood. In reality you would never be able to attend a variety of face to face classes or sample different piece of home equipment in a week.  

My workouts mean you can stay well, mobile and exercise at all times of the day. The best bit you have me your very own Personal Trainer to motivate and guide you safely.


Everytime you hit play we’ll meet at the screen and I promise to take you through a doorbell, fun session every time.

Introducing the JB Video Vault!

The JB Video Vault Our brand gives you all the freedom and flexibility you need via:

  • Access to over 130 Virtual Class recordings from 10 - 60 minutes.
  • Huge variety of class types including JB Signature HIIT, Pilates, Full Body Workout, Cardio Combat, Core Express, Barre, Yin Yoga & Upper Body Strength, Bootcamps and Stretch sessions.
  • Quick & easy access to the videos via the class categories - no endless scrolling.

I'm In! How do I subscribe to the JB Video Vault?

The monthly subscription fee for JB Video Vault Full Access is just £29.99 per month. You can sign up whenever you like and gain immediate access. Your monthly subscription will be charged as a recurring monthly payment on the same day of each month. There is no contract so you can cancel whenever you wish.

The flexibility offered by the JB VV is valuable not just during life curve balls but at any time in the future when you need an alternative to attending a class in person. It's a guarantee that you can still get that fantastic workout with Jules whatever curveballs come your way - from childcare,  and traffic issues to work deadlines. You can even continue to workout with me whilst on holiday, no excuses!

Become Fitter, Toned & Confident

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